"La Colonie de Vacances"

Double Bob, Marion Jdanoff, Quentin Faucompré, Geoffroy Python.
Electric Electric, Marvin, Papier Tigre, Pneu.

Co-publishers : Kythibong and Murailles Music

Attempting to transfer the totally submersive, 360° show which is La Colonie de Vacances onto any kind of recorded audio format has always seemed to be a bit of a fool’s errand. How can one begin to encapsulate the sheer power and sensation, the incredibly personal and ever-changing experience lived by a spectator placed slap bang in the middle of a quadraphonic concert?


100 page book, 27 x 26 cm, offset printed interior, silkscreen printed cover. Includes one record with double grooves, a download code for digital files of the music and a typeset insert.
27 X 26 cm, 30 €.
ISBN 979-10-94442-07-4.

“La Colonie de Vacances” is the second publication in the “Limbo” collection and was printed in 2017 by Hors Cadre Impressions in Villefranche de Rouergue (for the silkscreen cover) and at Art & Caractère in Lavaur.
Graphic design: Thomas Pontois
Recording and mixing: Vincent Robert
Mastering and cut: Simon Davey / The Exchange Vinyl
Original concept: Camille Escoubet
Project coordination: Timo Hateau

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Release date: April 22nd 2017 (Record Store Day)

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